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A Halloween Whodunnit.jpg


This is every detective's fantasy come true - an opportunity for people with a passion for murder mysteries... diabolical clues...and ingenious detective work to get plunked smack-dab in the middle of a hilarious investigation and it's right around Halloween!

For most people, an alumni reunion is a time to party and renew old acquaintances. But Franco Machiavelli isn't an ordinary guy --- he's the head of the New York crime family, and trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes.  As he begins to renew old friendships, someone is murdered.  Discovering who the killer is becomes the question all are determined to answer.

There is lots of murder, bribery, and back stabbing as we meet Class Politician, Hugh Jass ‘Wedgie’, Pom Pom Splits and the rest of the gang. Enjoy a ghoulish experience while MYSTERY and MAYHEM LURK all around you and even INVOLVE YOU!  As the clues unravel, try to solve the spectacular mystery of ‘WHODUNIT’. Join the Ghoolish Dance Contest. Enjoy dinner, dancing and lots of live singing. Costumes Highly Recommended.


But remember... you could become the leading suspect or the corpse!

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