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Murder is a Family Business©

The longest running dinner theater in CT has you cruising for murder! The notorius "Uncle Franco" and his ex-wife Stella.  Today they are giving their niece, Donna, away to ‘that bum’, Danny, the garbage man.  But, the wedding of Danny & Donna is not your typical ceremony and reception.  Mama Lambrusco has an ax to grind. No one is good enough for her son! But a mysterious guest arrives – Ima Snitch and she has an agenda. Will anyone get out alive?

Murder is a Family Business© is a hilarious whodunit comedy murder mystery in which you, the audience, take part. While Uncle Franco tries to keep the feuding relatives in line, family members like Luigi ‘the Squeegy’, Mario ‘One Minute’ Mancini,  and Sal Manilla cause more mischief by singing, mingling and dancing with the guests. With crazy relatives and an unenthusiastic groom, it may be happily never after in this nuptial nightmare.

Murder Is a Family Business.jpg


Wear your favorite mob garb or the craziest wedding attire you can come up with. Bring your camera to take photos of the celebrities, mobsters, and maybe a corpse. It’ll make their special day that much more unique, as long as they actually get the chance to walk down the aisle!

It's up to you to discover who turned matrimony into murder. A night of non-stop interactive fun with dinner, dancing, singing, and mingling with the mob.


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