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You're invited, but please don't bring a gift! 

Who says it’s not a real wedding?


And at For Better & For Worse©, everyone is invited. AspenDream Productions™ presents the Machiavelli’s and the Lambrusco’s in CT’s longest running interactive comedy Italian wedding- For Better & For Worse©.  This wedding has been called ‘The Saturday Night Live’ of wedding ceremonies.

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Meet the notorious “Uncle Franco” and his ex-wife Stella.  Today they are giving their niece Donna away to ‘that bum’ Danny, the garbage man.  But, the wedding of Danny & Donna is not your typical ceremony and reception.  Mama Lambrusco has an ax to grind.  No one is good enough for her son!


As a guest of the Danny & Donna, you’re interacting with Don Franco’s family from the moment you step into the room until the time you leave the reception. Bridesmaids may flirt with you, Luigi “the Squeegy” may reveal secrets at your table and Stella, “Uncle’ Franco’s ex may spill the beans about her  former marriage at the bar.  Sal Manilla may a lot to say about dating Donna and Eileen Dover still has a crush on Danny.


No matter where you’re sitting or whom you’re talking to, there’s never a dull moment. It’s a super fun and memorable night of love, mayhem, laughter and, of course, dancing.  But you never know who will show up.


Join these feuding families as you witness the vows, dance the night away and catch the bouquet.  But be careful, there are a few uninvited guests.

“Just wanted to thank you and your troupe for a great event last night. The wedding was alot of fun and I will be happy to recommend your company to anyone that I hear that needs a FUNdraising idea!  Thank you again for a job well done.”  

      - Monique, St. Francis Xavier School

There is no comedy wedding show like it!  Come crash the wedding!
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