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An Academic Whodunit You Won’t Want to Fail!

But tonight is different. Unfortunately for one of you...there is a murderer who is destined to strike, steal the school’s money, and blame it on you.

Will it be “Wedgie”, the IRS Agent? Scuzzo, the janitor, who never worked an honest day in his life? Barbie Dahl, the B-Rated Movie Star who refused to let anyone top her? Or possibly the class president, Hugh Jass who is now a U.S. presidential hopeful?

You’ll have one night to figure it out and bring the killer to justice. Get ready for a night of mystery and mayhem intertwined with rivalries from the past that spill over to Sister Merry who is overseeing the events.  

It will be a reunion you won't forget...if you live to tell about it!

Class Reunions Can be Murder© is an interactive, murder mystery dinner theatre event set at the closing of a high school for misfits…and you were one of them.

As the notorious Uncle Franco’s various alumni gather to say goodbye to their beloved alma mater, old rivalries and new alliances add up to an evening of murder and mayhem.

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