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Terms and Conditions


We try to keep our terms and conditions as simple as possible so everyone can understand them.  Simply put, once a ticket is purchased or event is contracted, the following terms and conditions will take effect.

AspenDream Productions will not accept any responsibility for any accidents, injuries, lost or stolen items or damage to personal or private property (including vehicles and clothing).  AspenDream Productions shall not and will not be held accountable for financial recuperation (unless required by law) for any “Acts of God” or for any States of Emergency as deemed by local, state and/or Federal governments.


SPECIAL EFFECTS: Fake guns, loud gunshots, screams, fake dead bodies, fake blood, and brief lighting outages are used as part of the performance.

DRESS CODE POLICY:  Business casual or dressy casual is absolutely required unless otherwise specified in the event description. No logo/printed T-shirts, shorts, ball caps, flip-flops, or torn clothes are permissible.  Jeans are acceptable unless otherwise specified in the event description.  If any guests in your party do not conform to our dress code, AspenDream Productions reserves the right to deny entry to those guests without a refund of monies paid.

COVID-19 & VACCINATION: By entering An AspenDream Productions event, you agree to follow the current state and local Public Health Guidelines for Indoor Events. Specifically, (if required by local authorities) you attest that you will comply with the vaccination or testing requirements for entry into the event. Remember, if you’re not feeling well, please stay home!

MINIMUM AGE POLICY:  Our required minimum age is 13, and adult supervision is required.  If your party arrives at the show with a child younger than 13 without prior consent of the Producers, AspenDream Productions reserves the right to deny entry to your party without a refund of monies paid.

WEAPON/CONCEALED CARRY POLICY:  AspenDream Productions does not allow weapons into our shows, even with a concealed carry permit, or in areas where it is otherwise legal.  This policy applies to all of our locations worldwide, without exception.


WAIVER – ASSUMPTION OF RISK: We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to make the guest experience as safe as possible for all. Although preventative measures set forth by AspenDream Productions and their host venues are intended to help reduce the spread of any virus including COVID-19, we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. By purchasing tickets to and/or attending this event with AspenDream Productions, you acknowledge the following:

You acknowledge notice of and agree to follow all facility rules, posted instructions, as well as all local city, county and state ordinances and protocols.

You agree to notify all guests for whom you are purchasing tickets of the instructions and protocols disclosed here, those that may be made publicly available for the event, and those that may be conveyed prior to your party’s arrival.

You acknowledge and agree that you are voluntarily assuming all risks of exposure to any virus including COVID-19 and agree to release, waive and discharge AspenDream Productions, the host facility, its parent entities, and all related and affiliated individuals and entities, and all individuals and entities involved in the event for AspenDream Productions which you are attending, from all claims directly or indirectly arising from your attendance at AspenDream Productions.

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