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The Opening of Franco's New Nightclub!

Start off the evening with a bang!  Join “Uncle Franco” and his mobsters in a professional dinner theatre production of Mob’s Murder Mystery©. Guests never know who to expect.  But at this thrilling, hilarious, murder mystery show, they’ll know what to expect – a great meal and a fantastic evening.  AspenDream Productions™, CT longest-running murder mystery comedy dinner show, puts on an action-packed performance where everyone is considered a suspect. 

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Guests will be assigned a name tag and are encouraged to attend dressed ready to play the role of a gangster, movie star, politician, and friend to the well-respected “Uncle Franco”, head of the New York Mob Family.  Someone is killed and no one can leave until the mystery is solved by the FBI, all while enjoying dinner, lots of dancing, singing, and drinks.

Just Because You're Made…Doesn’t Mean You Have it Made

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