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For Better & For Worse

You're Invited, but please don't bring a gift

Who says it’s not a real wedding?

And at For Better & For Worse©, everyone is invited. AspenDream Productions™ presents the Machiavelli’s and the Lambrusco’s in CT’s longest running interactive comedy Italian wedding- For Better & For Worse©. This wedding has been called ‘The Saturday Night Live’ of wedding ceremonies.

Class Reunion

An Academic Whodunit You Won’t Want to Fail

Class Reunions Can be Murder© is an interactive, murder mystery dinner theatre event set at the closing of a high school for misfits…and you were one of them.

Mob's Murder Mystery

If One Family Doesn’t Kill Him... The Other Family Will...

The Opening of Franco's New Night Club

Start off the evening with a bang! Join "Uncle Franco" and his mobsters in a professional dinner theatre production of Mob’s Murder Mystery©. Guests never know who to expect. But at this thrilling, hilarious, murder mystery show, they’ll know what to expect – a great meal and a fantastic evening. AspenDream Productions™, CT longest-running murder mystery comedy dinner show, puts on an action-packed performance where everyone is considered a suspect.

Murder Is A Family Business

Murder Is A Family Business

The longest running dinner theater show in CT has you cruising for murder. Meet the notorius "Uncle Franco" and his ex-wife Stella. Today they are giving their niece, Donna, away to ‘that bum’, Danny, the garbage man. But, the wedding of Danny & Donna is not your typical ceremony and reception. Mama Lambrusco has an ax to grind. No one is good enough for her son! But a mysterious guest arrives – Ima Snitch and she has an agenda. Will anyone get out alive?

A Halloween Whodunnit

A Halloween Whodunnit

This is every detective's fantasy come true - an opportunity for people with passion for murder mysteries...diabolical clues... and ingenious detective work to get plunked smack dab in the middle of a hilarious investigation and it's right around Halloween!

Holidays Can Kill You

You’re invited to the holiday party everyone’s dying to attend!

With the Holiday Season well on its way, everyone in the notorious Uncle Franco’s mobster family is working hard to make this a holiday to remember.

New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Masquerade

Usher in the New Year with a 'BANG' at our Killer Party.

Come join us as we act out this real-life game of clue. Not only are you solving a live-action Homicide Case, but we incorporate dancing, professional singing and special surprises. Combining the glamour and mystique of an over-the-top mobster New Year's Eve bash and pair it with the lavish elegance of a masquerade gala.

I Haven't Got A Clue

The creation process for artists continues during difficult times.

"I Haven't Got A Clue" Trailer. New murder mystery production for 2021 written by AspenDream Productions Cast & Crew!

Murder at the Mardi Gras

Perfect for any time of the year!

This is an unusual murder mystery with a twist. The prominent mob family has invited all their gangster friends for this big Mardi Gras celebration. Suddenly, a piercing scream is heard, a murder has been committed. Thus begins this motley crew's wild-goose chase for the killer among them.

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